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Get Back in Shape with VelaShape™

Want to lose the love handles without undergoing surgery? Flat abs without going on a hunger strike? Smooth hips and shapely thighs without killing yourself in the gym?

Fit right back into your smaller jeans by going for a short series of VelaShape treatments. VelaShape is the revolutionary non-surgical and completely non-invasive solution that will help you lose stomach fat, bulging hips, and jiggly thighs. Fast.

The unique VelaShape technology harnesses the combined power of bi-polar radiofrequency, infrared light energy, mechanical massage, and vacuum in each session, packing serious and intense contouring action onto the area being treated. The machine's precise heat energy cranks up your fat metabolism and sluggish lymphatic system, resulting in a visibly smoothened and toned body in just few treatments.

    Velashape Treatment

    The VelaShape™ Advantage

    The VelaShape technology delivers results so fast and impressive that it has been featured on several popular local shows and news programs. Hollywood celebrities are raving about how the Velashape treatment helps them tone and sculpt their bodies.

    Each VelaShape treatment cumulatively works to smoothen the treated area on the surface, greatly reducing the appearance of cellulite. This is the beauty of VelaShape. It also treats other problems that normally come with weight gain such as cellulite. In fact most of the time one does not occur without the other. VelaShape's proven technology deflates and shrinks fat cells, therefore minimizing their dimpling effect known as cellulite.

    This popular and painless cosmetic procedure can take away 1 to 7.2 centimeters off the problem area in as little as 4 treatments. But not only is it effective. It's also very safe for all skin types. And it's so gentle you need no recovery time at all after each treatment.

    You can now have the body of a star thanks to the amazing VelaShape technology. And here at Asava Medispa we make sure that you are treated like one as well.


    VelaShape™ FAQ

    I want to lose weight fast. How rapid would my weight loss be with this treatment?

    You can obtain measurable and visible results in as little as 2 weeks if you go for treatment twice a week. It would also depend on how much weight you need to lose. Our physician will help you set realistic expectations during your consultation.

    Is the treatment safe?

    Yes. It is by far the only FDA-approved non-surgical and non-invasive procedure for circumferential reduction. VelaShape's competition called Zerona has no FDA clearance yet.

    What is the difference between the two non-surgical treatments?

    Aside from having an FDA approval, the former requires only 4 treatments to achieve noticeable results, while the latter requires 6 to 12. Clearly the former is the better and more cost-effective way to lose weight fast.

    Does the procedure have side effects?

    Just some temporary redness and bruising in some individuals. Most patients do not experience any side effects at all. That is how safe and gentle the VelaShape treatment is.

    Can VelaShape replace laser liposuction?

    Only laser lipo is laser lipo. VelaShape treatments can only shrink the size of fat cells. No other cosmetic procedure can remove fat cells from the body the way laser liposuction can. Zerona is not laser liposuction, even if it claims to work like it.

    How do I maintain the weight loss after the initial 4 treatments?

    A touch-up treatment every 3-5 months may be needed to maintain the fantastic results. We also have our own patented natural weight loss supplements to help you lose weight fast, and to boost the results and maintain the benefits of your VelaShape treatments.

    For a more permanent weight loss solution, you can opt for laser lipolysis, a minimally invaisve surgical treatment for the removal of stubborn fat.  For more information, check out our Laser Lipo page.

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