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Pregnancy Weight Gain

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Fast weight loss after pregnancy? Is it possible?

Pregnancy weight gain is a problem that all mothers universally experience. You have given birth four months ago but you still look pregnant. That's how hard it is to lose pregnancy weight gain, especially if you haven't been exercising or watching what you eat. Stubborn baby fat can make you look perennially pregnant.

Tight. Toned. Sexy. Do you wish that these were the words that best describe your body?

The joy of childbirth doesn’t have to be coupled with pregnancy weight gain. Who says you can't be a slim yet bootylicious mama just because you already have kids?

Here at Asava Medispa we offer both minimally invasive and non-surgical treatments including all-natural therapies that can work in a powerful synergy to help you get the body you had prior to giving birth, or the body you never had but have always dreamed of. So now you can become sexy AND healthy again. One of our most popular services is the VelaShape treatment. Velashape™ can easily address weight gain after pregnancy minus the dangers and risks associated with certain weight loss plans. To know more about VelaShape give us a call or drop by our clinic in Orange County, California for a complimentary appointment with our physician.

For more information, please visit our VelaShape page.

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