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Fraxel for Acne Scars, Wrinkles, Sun Spots, Dispygmentation, & Enlarged Pores

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specials starting at
$750 / area (Reg. $900)
$1650 Package of 3 sessions (Reg. $2100)

The future of laser beauty technology is here now with the all new Fraxel Re:Store Treatment.  This advanced laser technology incorporates all the strengths of previous laser technology with none of its predecessor's weaknesses.  Previously you would have had to choose between either ablative treatments, meaning your skin would become damaged and the healing process would take much longer, or non-ablative treatments, which were much softer on the skin but required many more treatments.  Thanks to Fraxel's revolutionary technology, you can have both minimal recovery time as well as effective results within a few treatments.

fraxel laser before
fraxel laser after

How Fraxel Re:Store Works

Fraxel uses a specialized technique of intensely targeting deep microthermal zones in your skin while leaving the surrounding areas untouched in a fractional manner, hence the name Fraxel.  What this does is it increases your skins ability to regenerate and rebuild new skin cells and form new collagen.  This is why you can get effective results while at the same time speeding up the healing process!

Acne Scarring Before & After Fraxel
Before                                      After

What will Fraxel Re:Store Treat?

If you suffer from Melasma, signs of aging such as wrinkles or sun spots, or if the signs of youth are still present in the form of acne scars, Fraxel is right for you.  Also, if you have uneven skin tone or enlarged pores, Fraxel can help you as well.  You don't have to worry about sensitive skin as Fraxel can treat even delicate areas by specifically affecting dead and old skin while having a minimal effect on healthy skin cells.  If you would like more information click on the link for more information on our Melasma Treatment.

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